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AOPA Cyprus

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The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA Cyprus), was formed in 1994.  They serves the interests and needs of its members as aircraft owners and pilots, and establishes, maintains, and articulates positions of leadership to promote the economy, safety, and popularity of flight in aircraft. AOPA Cyprus provides members with regular club meetings, seminars, and clinics on air safety issues. Members are also represented before government.  AOPA-Cyprus works to increase general aviation awareness in their country by offering free support to non-pilots on the new media.
Ioannis Papaiacovou


Local News

avgoustinosThe family of general aviation in Cyprus and AOPA Cyprus mourn the unexpected death of captain and pilot trainer, Avgoustinos Avgousti and Lebanese national co-pilot George Obeki, also holder of a pilot license, following the crash of a twin engine Diamond DA-42. The accident occurred on Wednesday, in the evening of October 22, forty-five nautical miles south-east of Larnaka. Avgoustinos Avgousti, aged 54, father of three children, was an experienced captain, a well-known trainer in Cypriot aviation schools, and a member of our Association. AOPA Cyprus expresses its deep condolences to the families of the deceased and hopes that the Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee will soon be able to establish the causes of the crash.

20/11/2013 AOPA Cyprus and DCA work together on creating a direct route from LCLK to AKAMAS Training area.  

30/10/2013 Ioannis Papaiacovou president of AOPA Cyprus completed the presentation about E-visitor Pass, e-General Declation and Safety Issues at Laiki Sporting club. Thirty five members and non-members  were present.

20-10-2012 Lebaneese pilots can now Fly into both LCLA and LCPH.  The succesful meeting between AOPA Cyprus, AOPA Europe and DCA had great results.

30-06-2012 New hope for AOPA lebanon pilots

23-06-2012 The next IAOPA regional meeting, on October 27th 2012 at Lordos Beach Hotel in Larnaca.  More news are coming up soon.

20-06-2012  The AOPA neeting with DCA and Hermes was succesfull.  DCA decided to let all Lebanese GA aircrafts to fly to Cyprus airports with a 72 hours notice.  Lebanese GA were unable to fly to Cyprus since 9-11.

Also the Hermes director is working on giving better fees for handling and landing for AOPA members abroad. 

16-06-2011  Mr. MartinRobinson President of the IAOPA Europe and AOPA Cyprus representatives will meet with the Director of DCA and the Director of Hermes Airports on June 20th 2012 to discuss issues on Parking and handling on LCLK and LCPH for General Aviation light weight aircrafts from worldwide.

The agenda for the meeting:

Cypriot plans for introducing EASA FCL.
Maintenance Part M update.

The implementing of the Handling Directive reference article 7 of the directive which allows self handling.

Landing and handling Fees for IGA in Cyprus compared with other parts of the region.
Discussion on how IAOPA can help with improving GA visitors to Cyprus.


Important Announcements

31/10/2014 This message is only for members having a AVOP License for driving to LCLK airside area.

Dear Members,

On Friday October 31st  18:00 at Olympic Center, AOPA Cyprus will have a presentation and the test for all AVOP holders.  It would be only one presentation since I am leaving to the USA so if your AVOP license expires on Dec 2014 this is the only chance to renew it.

If you are interesting on participating please reply ASAP.

25/06/2014 Dear members,  some of you haven't renew their AOPA Cyprus membership card.  If you are not planing to renew and you are a holder of an airport pass please return your pass to Yannis Papaiacovou.  If you don't pay your dues until 30/06/2014 your Airport Pass would be canceled.  Your membership is valuable to AOPA.

05/06/2014 Dear members, if you have changed your email address it is your responsibility to let us know otherwise you will not be able to receive important information.

21/04/2014 Τα θερμα μας συλλυπητηρια στη οικογενεια του διευθυντη της πολιτικης αεροποριας κυριου Ιακωβου Δημητριου που εφυγε ξαφνικα τη κυριακη του πασχα.

03/04/2014 As of today all aircraft owners, members of AOPA Cyprus have their own Visitor Pass e-application access.

02/04/2014 Procedure to produce the daily Pre-Flight Information Bulletin (PIB) and AIPs

31/03/2014 LARNACA Played host to a Cypriot - Israeli conference on regional cooperation on aviation

03/03/2014 Termination of Follow me services for Taxi in and out at General Aviation Area.

11/11/2013 All vehicle owners must turn in your vehicle permit renewal application by November 18, at Soula's office at Larnaca International Airport.

15/10/2013 Dear members,
On October 30th, at 19:00 we will meet at Laiki Sporting Club for three presentations.
1.  How to file a General Declaration online
2.  How to file a Visitor Pass online
3.  Airport Safety.
This important for all aircraft owners and pilots.  This is going to be the only presentation regarding the issues above.
Please email me for confirmation.

02/07/2013 AOPA President Ioannis Papaiacovou had a meeting today with LGS Handling representatives to discuss any possible deals for AOPA members flying to LCLK or LCPH.

22/03/2013  AOPA Malta hosts IAOPA-Europe Regional Meeting

18/02/2013 Dear members, your AOPA cards are now available.  Please contact Ioannis Papaiacovou.

12/11/2012 Ioannis Papaiacovou is now an AVOP certified examiner for AOPA members at LCLK.  If you are interesting on taking the test please contact Ioannis Papaiacovou at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a subject: AVOP.  Under "FORMS" link, you will find the AVOP Manual.  Part of the examination is also a training presentation.

27/10/2012 The 127th IAOPA-Europe regional meeting will be held in Larnaca, Cyprus, on Saturday October 27th. Delegates from more than a dozen countries have already registered to attend, and more are expected. The RM comes at a crucial time, with EASA's Board of Management having signalled its readiness for a change in the way general aviation is overseen by the Agency, and IAOPA will be planning a strategy to ensure that words are translated into deeds.

26/10/2012 AOPA Europe and AOPA Cyprus held a succesfull cocktail party on Octocer 26th at Lordos beach Hotel in Larnaca.  Members of AOPA Cyprus had the chance to talk with other European AOPA representatives about GA problems. 

08-07-2012 ALL CURRENT AVOP HOLDERS SHOULD APPLY FOR AN AVOP (Airside Vehicle Operator's Permit) TEST AGAIN. Read
Click here to download application

30-06-2012 All airport pass holders must fill up new application form for renewing their passes.  Please read the circular from the DCA in order to comply with the requirements.  For more information write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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